We are currently only offering beadlocks for sale at this time and are manufactured for 15", 16", and 17" wheels. We have a standard RS design for the conservative user that wants a simple yet strong design. We also offer custom designs that the customer can draw and send us. Because the basic RS locks are standardized, they are slightly cheaper than the custom ones, but they are both a fantastic deal. All of our locks are manufactured from A572 Domex Steel which has a 50,000 PSI tensile strength compared to our competitors who use A36 steel with a tensile stregth of only 36,000 PSI. Our 15" and 16" locks use (24) 3/8 bolts, wile our 17" locks use (32) 3/8 bolts.

Pricing for steel beadlocks are as follows:

Diameter   Standard   Custom   Installation
15"   $250.00   $285.00   $200.00
16"   $275.00   $310.00   $210.00
17"   $315.00   $350.00   $220.00

Note: These prices are for steel wheels ONLY. If you have aluminum wheels, we can make those too. They use a steel outer ring just like our steel wheel versions, but a 3/8 thick 6061 aluminum inner ring is provided instead of the steel ring. Prices for aluminum wheels are quoted on a job by job basis, please give us a call for more info.

While beadlocks are the only availible products as of now, we are currently working on other products such as a 3 link suspension system, skids, bumpers, and sliders for the Jeep Cherokee and Comanchee. We are also working on other products for other vehicles. If there is a custom part that you need made, let us know! We have the proper tools to make the high quality part that you need! Send a message to sales@rocksolidfab.com or give us a call for a quote.

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